Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ben's First Father's Day

June also means that Ben got to celebrate his first father's day. I had to work the previous day, so I got home that morning.

I left the day to Ben to decide what he wanted to do. And what did he opt to spend his special day? He wanted to go to the movies alone.

To be honest, I was a little shocked, a day meant to celebrate being a father and he wanted to be alone (at least a few hours alone). To go see the new Fast and Furious.

But it's what he wanted, so I agreed (I was going to say, I let him do it... but I didn't let him do anything.)

But I did ask him to bring me back a movie popcorn, I haven't had one of those in forever!

So off he went for the early matinee. Then on his way home he stopped at the grocery store, picked up some steaks for dinner and then watched the NASCAR race and kept Little man entertained while I took a nap (again remember I worked the previous day).

It actually turned out to be quite the nice day, although we were caught up in the Little man, I never got a chance to actually call MY dad and wish him a happy Father's Day. I feel like a total piece of crap :-(

Oh and what did Brenden get him for Father's day? Well we decided back in May, that we would do a joint gift (Mother's and Father's day) and we bought a patio set for our deck. So excited about getting to use that hopefully this summer!

But now I really want to go to the movies alone... or maybe a movie date.

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Nickel22 said...

I think a patio set is a great idea for a joint gift!....Miss you lady....had so much fun cuddling that little charmer of yours the other day..watch out ladies he's already making grown women swoon!


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