Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Be very quiet! We are hunting houses!

So I didn't win the $640 million Mega Millions jackpot last week. Le sigh, Ben and I had our dream houses all picked out, his and hers of course.

But what we did do is meet with a realtor on Saturday. We drove by a couple houses, and there was one that we really liked. So when we met with the realtor later on, we asked to see it. We were able to get in and see the place, it was a foreclosed house and the previous owners trashed it. Most of the walls had big holes in them, some of the bedroom doors were kicked in half. What would have been the master bedroom had a deadbolt on it! It was just really in rough shape. And we came to the conclusion that it has the potential to be a beautiful house, but it would take a fair amount of money and time. Two things that we are limited on. So we passed.

Our realtor this morning sent us a couple more listings, Ben and I liked the looks of them so I believe the plan is to go check them out on Saturday. 

I am not a big fan of house hunting, I want to find a house but it's just trying to find something that fits what we want and what we need. For the right price of course. My biggest sticking point has been schools. I want to make sure where ever we are that we are in a good school district.

But both of us would like to find a house and be settled before the baby comes. Our apartment right now is big enough where we could have a baby there, but it's not ideal. That being said, we aren't going to buy a house just for the sake of being in a house, we want to make sure its the right situation for us.

We are excited about this next step, but we want to be cautious and make sure it's the right step for us.

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