Sunday, April 22, 2012

18 Weeks!

All too quickly time is flying by! As of Saturday I am 18 weeks pregnant. I've got an ultrasound and doctor's appointment this week. And I've got to be sure to let the technician know that we do NOT want to know the gender. Hopefully they don't let anything slip. I hope that everything is normal and progressing fine. I can't believe we are almost at the halfway point.

I am definitely showing now. There isn't any hiding it anymore. I've had some feelings, like flutters or fake gas as most of the blogs/websites report. It's a weird feeling for sure. I am still burping a lot. There is a lot of gas involved with pregnancy. I never imagined how much it changes the REST of your body.

We are also looking at some houses. Everything we've looked at has been a HUGE step up from the first house we looked at, the one with the holes in the walls and was basically destroyed. As we thought, some of the houses in our price range have come on the market only to quickly go under agreement. So we are trying to keep ourselves as free as we can in order to go see houses at a moment's notice.

I love our realtor, she is great to work with and really gets us and what we are looking for. But she's also not hesitant to give her opinion about a property. And she's got the experience to back it up.

One frustration has been one house that we all like and want to see, has been horrible about setting up a showing. We've tried for 3 Sundays now with no dice. So we are hoping that on Friday we'll be able to see it. We really like this property and where it's located, so we are hoping we can at least get inside and see it to see if it's for us.

The one house we saw today, I will say, was very nice. We are waiting to hear back, as there are 2 other offers in on the house, and we don't want to get into a bidding war with other potential buyers. It's easy to say not to get emotionally tied up into a house, but it's hard to actually live that. Even harder when pregnant and hormonal.

I can see myself living in that house, it's very nice and only needs a small amount of work done to make it liveable. And some additional projects to be done over the next few years. Enough to keep Ben busy, that's for sure. And the neighborhood and town is quite lovely and would be great for raising kids.

Here's to hoping we can find something! I'd like to be moved in before this baby comes. Ben and I both agreed that if we aren't closed or close to closing by late July that we'll probably wait until after the baby before trying again. It would really suck to try and move while so close to the baby coming.

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Mandy said...

I used to not wanna know gender..and then the OCD planner in me just had to haha. I commend you on your strong will to NOT find out :)


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