Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well my New Year's party went well...not really a party, more like a gathering, no club music, just getting together with friends and playing games and watching Dick Clark and the ball drop. Mind you, Dick Clark, man, the poor guy needs to retire, I just felt bad for him. He is looking older more haggard, and his voice...oh I just felt bad.

So as far as any New Year's Resolutions. Which I never know why I keep making them, they are bound to fail. I don't think I know anyone who has successfully kept a resolution...

Anyways, my resolutions (Self torture) are, to be more mindful of my language. I swear entirely too much. It's very common to use foul language at the fire station and I just do not think that its very becoming of a lady to use such language. So I will soon have a swear jar...and every time I swear, I have to pay 25 cents. I've been keeping track so far, and its already above $7 in slip-ups. Even more of a reason to think before I speak...That was part of the fun on New Year's Eve was to come up with a list of no-no words that I cannot say.

My second resolution is to get some form of cardio in 3-4 times a week. Whether it be a walk, Curves, Wii Fit, just something. And at least for 20 minutes. Since the first of January I've been to Curves 4 times. It would have been 5, but they closed early due to weather so I went home and did the Wii Fit. Actually, I've done cardio mostly everyday. I think I have only missed 3 days.

Curves has a weight management class that I am going to partake in. And also I will be making an appointment with a nutritionist to see if they can help me. I am such a picky eater and it tends to be the wrong foods. So I am hoping that they can introduce some new foods for me that are better choices to be making.

I hope to carry this enthusiasm throughout the year. I really want to be better and look and feel better. I still have my goal if I hit 250 pounds I can do horseback riding lessons at UNH this summer. Now its a lofty goal, but if I can do it, it would feel so rewarding.

I bought new glasses this week. I had the old ones for almost 5 years, it was time for a new pair. It's hard to imagine that this May will be my 5 year anniversary of me graduating college. Really scary how time flies. Thinking back. I do not think that I would be where I am at now. I enjoy my job and love my job. But never in a million years did I think that I would be working here. Kinda funny how life throws things at you.

Ben and I are doing great. Yesterday we went to Rhode Island to see his best friend Mike and his wife Crystal. We spent the day together just hanging out and catching up. We also went to Dave and Busters for dinner and games. Very cool atmosphere and while Ben and Mike were playing the shooting games, Crystal and I were playing the ticket games. What a fun night! We originally planned on leaving Providence around 8 we didn't leave until 10:30, we were having way too much fun. I fell asleep in the car on the way home, since I had to work today...ugh. And on top of it all more snow. I was late to work this morning, because my stupid landlord does not plow regularly, he waits for the storm to be over...well that didn't help me in my little Honda who wanted to get out this I got stuck and poor Ben and some random guy had to help get me unstuck. Which reminds me I need to call my landlord later on.

Anywho, things are going well, the new dispatcher officially starts this week. I hope she stays, so that I can get some much deserved time off to rest and get a few things done that have been left undone for far too long.

Take Care!

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