Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wedding Recap: DIY

Some a lot of the little touches I did throughout the wedding, I did myself, or had some help executing my vision.

Originally when we first starting planning, we wanted a fall theme. Ben was great with helping to secure the big things, venue, food, rentals, etc. But the finer details, the colors, the centerpieces, flowers, etc., he largely left up to me. Which I really appreciated. He went with the flow with a lot. And he put up with my excitement of the little things.

One of the ideas that I wanted but it really came together in the last few weeks was a sign. My parents made fun of me about it at first. But everyone that saw it thought it was the cutest thing ever. We had it placed at the foot of the bridge, just before everyone walked over the bridge to the ceremony site.

And when the morning came and dad placed it, he thought that the pumpkins were a good finishing touch. I would agree with him. I thought this just really simple and nice.

Inside we opted to do a mix of tall and short centerpieces. My amazingly talented friend helped with all of my flowers. She also lent me some of her candles. Which went really well with the mason jar candles I had done up.
These short centerpieces where mums that were in a birched wrapped container with some ribbon and a sugar pumpkin. You can see in front of this short centerpiece my mason jar candle. And her smaller tea light candles on the right hand side of the pic. She did all of the tablescapes for me which included some rose petals and acorns scattered on the tables. 

And here is the tall centerpiece in a tall cylinder vase, I love the curly willow branches coming out of the top. The wide ribbon near the top is just a perfect color.

The guestbook was something that I really toiled on. I didn't want the traditional guest book. I just didn't want something that would sit on a shelve and go unnoticed for years. While cruising on some wedding boards, I saw the idea of doing a fingerprint tree, I fell in love with it. I wanted to modify it slightly since we couldn't get the ink to wash off easily off of people's fingers. So we got leave stamps and used those. I ordered the poster from a seller off of Etsy and really fell in love with the idea.

Lastly, we opted not to do a seating chart. At first I really wanted to do one, but as the planning went on, I realized that there was just too many loose ends and I really didn't want to deal with the drama. So we opted to just have open seating. I wanted to at least have a sign for that.

Ordered that one off of vistaprint with like a week to go! Thankfully, it came in time.

So that is just some of the DIY and details from the wedding. I really think that everything tied into my theme and our day perfectly.


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Love this! The seating plan in our wedding was a nightmare, so I wish I had thought of that :D


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