Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Doctor's Appointment & October Nor'Easter

First of all, if you didn't know, I live in New Hampshire, the Northeast and if you live under a rock, you wouldn't have known that we had a Nor'Easter on Saturday. We still had leaves on the trees, people... which is probably what caused the biggest problem.... power outages.

The heavy wet snow weighed down the trees, and in doing so made contact with the lines causing them to short, in other cases, the trees broke or fell completely taking out lines.

Ben and I had gone over to our friends house for dinner that night, we haven't seen much of the barn gals in the weeks leading up to the wedding and since we came back from the honeymoon so it was great to spend a nice evening with them. It had already been raining earlier in the day, and was just starting to snow, the heavy wet snow. The power was flickering all night at the farm, we stayed until they lost power at about 10pm. We drove home to find that we too had also lost power.

Sunday we were supposed to go Christmas tree hunting but with all the snow and left over wind, and no power, we didn't go. All in all we got about 4-5 inches at our house. meh, almost nothing by New Hampshire standards, but combined with the fact that it was heavy wet snow and the leaves still were on the trees, the power loss did more destruction.

We got power back sometime between 2-4:30 am on Monday. But even today as I write this post, my friends at the farm still do not have power. Along with several other of my friends. And the power company is saying that it's still going to be several days before power is fully restored.

Ugh, I just feel so bad, it's never easy when you lose power. We realize how dependent we are on power once we loose it.

Yesterday, Halloween, I had my yearly physical and who-ha check. If you need to know what a Who-ha is, go ask your mother, or sister, or girlfriend...

Well the only concern on the part of my doctor is my weight, which I knew going into my appointment. Just 2 years ago I was 288! and now here I am 314... which was my highest weight when I started Weight Watchers.

I want to have a healthy pregnancy, my doctor warned me that even if I do get pregnant that I need to not take the mentality that I am eating for two. And I said frankly, because I already have been eating for two! Which we both chuckled a little, not that it excuses it, but it is nice to know that her and I are on the same page.

She also gave me a lab slip with a date of 6 months from now, to have lab work done to check my cholesterol in the hopes that I would be either a) pregnant or b) that would be enough motivation to lose the weight.

Now that the wedding is over, I can re-focus on my weight loss. I am still in a weight loss challenge that ends in a little over a month from now. So who knows, I may be able to win that. I am still going through the name changing process (what a pain!) and also Ben and I want to start the process of looking for and buying a house. So life is moving pretty quick, but I want to make sure that I remain focused on losing the excess weight and living a healthy lifestyle. 

Across New Hampshire, many trick or treat nights have been cancelled or rescheduled to this coming weekend. But our town still had trick or treat last night. Ben loves that holiday, so he sat outside with a bowl of candy and waited for the kids to come around. He passed out candy for a solid 2 hours in the frigid cold. I joined him for awhile. But I made sure I bundled up! We had some out of towners who were trick or treating, their town had cancelled and they still wanted to go, so mom found which town was still doing it and drove them to our town!

All in all, it's been a pretty wild weekend.

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