Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve Eve

Ah, here it is December 23rd and finally my Christmas shopping is done! Now I just have to WRAP everything! Yikes!

I brought Ben's stuff with me to work tonight, in hopes that I can get it wrapped. Which would save me some time tomorrow - oh I hope!

Toy Bank is winding down we are up to 92 families this year. Thanks goes out to the generosity of the community for which I am proud to say that I work for (and my hometown!). That is a lot of children that will wake up with a Christmas who might have gone without. There were many stories on the news about agencies being short with donations, but I was very blessed not to have that concern. In fact we were able to share our toys with Haverhill's agency as well. Which really warms my heart when the help stays local.

I swear though it has been a stressful month for me. More stressful this week. I will be thankful when Christmas day is here and I can sit back and relax with my family. And I will be looking forward to scheduling a much deserved/needed appointment for a massage sometime in the near future. :-D

I feel this holiday came up real quick. Like just yesterday it was Thanksgiving, now Christmas. But I am looking forward to celebrating. With the snow we got the other day, its making it feel a bit more like Christmas.

Merry Christmas to those out there who read this!!

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