Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby it's Cold Outside...

So I got in my car this morning and was driving to work. In the Winter my hands get very dry and cracked. So to help cut down on the dryness, I keep hand lotion in my car. Well I went to grab some lotion today, and its frozen...I can't even get a little bit out! Seesh! I had to keep the bottle under my thigh for about 10 minutes before I could use it! Man was it cold's still cold out! Thankfully I replaced my car battery this past summer, so my car really shouldn't have any trouble starting.

I was driving down 101, east of the landing road lights, I was out over the marsh, and I looked out on the ocean and there was this huge snow storm cloud over the water! Ocean Effect Snow! Thankfully it never came ashore. It was so beautiful to look at though!

So in other news, last night I had dinner with a dear friend of mine from grade/high school. It was so good to see Rebecca while she was in town. Some things have changed, but some have stayed the same, and its so nice to see that not everything has changed. I hope its not another 8-9 years before I see her again!

I got on the scale and I am not liking what I see, I had a great low number on Tuesday morning but yesterday and today have not been kind. I chaulk it up to it being a certain time of the month, and I am very uncomfortable, and I'm eating to try and feel comfortable, which isn't working, duh! I have to get out of that mindset! I slipped and fell on some stairs a few days ago so I didn't workout yesterday, but I woke up early this morning and did some Wii Fit, and I intend on going to Curves after work tonight as well.

I have been trying to keep better track of how much I exercise and trying to keep a food journal. It seems to be working more. Just being more aware of what you are doing and what you are eating can help!

Other than that things are going well. :-D

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